External Service Provider (with English and Portuguese languages)
SDZ SUPPORT TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES LTD is an international company that provides
customer support services to reputable financial firms. One of our biggest clients is IQ OPTION (IQ
Option is an international IT company operating in the fintech industry which developed one of the world's
best trading platforms for financial instruments). Now we are looking for a service provider to join our support team who will make the customer service even better.

We speak 20 languages and help our clients reach users' needs and help them to understand all the peculiarities of trading. Our clients ask us a variety of questions starting from trading up to movie recommendations, so you won't be bored.

We provide our services 2/2 day-day/night-night schedule (it means that you provide services for two days from 10.00 to 22.00, then you have 2 days off, after that you provide services for two nights shift from 22.00 to 10.00, then 2 days off) - GMT+3, Moscow time
We are looking for a person who:
 Writes and speaks foreign languages fluently (English and Portuguese).
 Has a stable Internet connection and follows a schedule meticulously.
 Is able to communicate effectively with our clients and is able to determine the needs of a particular user and find a custom solution that suits him.
 Is not afraid of difficulties and a high workload.
Why should you choose us?
 We'll always be by your side providing a knowledge base, an established system of continuous
learning, tests for better understanding of the product and an online channel where you can ask
for help whenever you need it.
 You have always been attracted to travelling and you've come to realize that you love to
communicate with foreigners. Your team members come from different countries: India,
Pakistan, Mexico and Indonesia, Italy, France and Germany. And our clients' customers will write
to you from all over the world!
 You will learn how intriguing the life of a customer support provider can be. We have online
lectures with guest speakers, education in personal growth and development, online conferences
and unofficial meetings with the rest of the team.
 You will have access to a corporate online library in multiple languages.

What about payment?
For Portuguese + English languages we pay 1089 euro as a basic payment and as an extra payment after the first 3 months - up to 200 euro (full time job ~ 165 hours per month)
The service agreement type of the contract (freelance contract).

Send us your CV, we will be glad to learn more about you!

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